Low Carb on a Budget

Golden Rules:

1. ‘Pair’ food – never eat a naked carb
2. Choose high protein & high healthy fats
3. Always choose low carb and eat the carbs last
4. Bulk out meals with salad & green vegetables
5. Drink plenty of water (with & between food)
6. Exercise after eating (eg. 10 minute walk)


  • Eggs with mushrooms & avocado
  • Full fat Greek yogurt with chia seeds, flaxseed, nuts, peanut butter & handful of fresh or frozen berries
  • Low carb cooked breakfast: eggs, mushrooms, bacon/sausage, tomatoes & avocado
  • Smoothie made with Greek yogurt, full fat or almond milk, chia seeds, peanut butter & handful of berries (add Purition powder if desired)


  • 2 dark Ryvita with cheese & ham or chicken, olives & cucumber
  • Caprese chicken salad: cooked chicken, mozzarella, tomato & basil with olive oil and balsamic vinegar
  • Green salad with eggs, tuna/cooked meat, pickled beetroot, olives, cheese, tomatoes & olive oil with balsamic vinegar
  • Leftovers from a low carb dinner
  • Omelette made with eggs, Greek yogurt & cheese
  • Small sweet jacket potato with lots of full fat tuna mayo & cheese, served with green salad


  • Chicken stir fry with lots of green vegetables, soy sauce, ginger & garlic with a small portion of noodles or rice
  • Cheats cauliflower cheese (double cream & cheddar) with green vegetables
  • Carbonara with added chicken and a small amount of wholewheat pasta
  • Chicken breast pizza with a big salad & small handful of chips
  • Creamy mustard chicken with broccoli
  • Chilli with a few nachos, avocado guacamole, soured cream & cheddar cheese
  • Cheesy chorizo chicken and spinach
  • Fajita bowl: chicken with paprika, peppers, cheese, sour cream & guacamole (serve with 1 wholewheat wrap)
  • High meat content sausages with sweet potato or cheesy mash & green vegetables
  • Pizza wrap: wholewheat tortilla topped with tomato, basil & oil base plus lots of cheese, mushrooms & ham or pepperoni
  • Roast dinner without the carbs (choose just one: Yorkshire pudding, roast potato OR gravy)
  • Spaghetti bolognese served with small portion of whole-wheat pasta & topped with cheese
  • Salmon with plenty of green vegetables (eg. broccoli, green beans) & a small amount of brown rice

Snacks & Desserts: